I rolled over really, properly today. I’ve done it before, but, to be honest, it’s always been a bit of an accident. But today we were at Chief Secretary’s Pilates class and I was trying for ages to manage it. She was keeping an eye on me, so of course I waited till she was busy before I actually turned over. A boy needs some privacy.

The big problem is how to get back again, since the view from my tummy is not satisfactory, and it’s really hard work to stay like that. H’mm.



Auntie Christina came all the way to visit me today.  She brought me some good books but even better wrapping paper – she called it baking parchment but I think that would be a waste. It’s soo scrunchy and tastes good too!

I’ve been good at putting my legs in the air for ages, but today I discovered I can lift up my head and shoulders and my upper back at the same time so I’m almost balancing on my bottom. It’s hard work, though it helps if I make strenuous noises at the same time. But fun! We went to a big place called the V&A today – all a bit grown up for me but it gave me lots of time in my pram to practice. I’m going to have the best baby six-pack in town.

For some reason that last post has the wrong date. As a baby I am very concerned about dates. After all I was a small boy of only 4 months at that date. Now, however, I’m almost 5 months, which is quite different. I am becoming brilliant at lots of things. I can grab both my feet. I can reach out and get hold of things I want, at least when no one moves them away, and I can keep hold of them too. And I sing lots. It’s especially fun when it’s quiet, and some places make it sound even louder. My favourite so far is Southwark Cathedral.

Teeth are evil. They hurt. I’m sure I’ll appreciate them later, but there’s a design flaw in acquiring them.

But apart from that, I’ve been very happy lately. Everyone tells me how smiley I am. The world is generally getting very interesting though. Chief Secretary and I disagree on how to make the most of it. I think I should pay attention to everything going on and eat at night instead when nothing much is happening. For some reason she keeps trying to fill me up during the day, which isn’t really fair. I cooperated yesterday, but got my own back by doing a huge poo at 6am. Ha!